Track your aircraft in real time

Don't stay blind... you can know where they are!

Satellite background Position, speed, altitude, track in real time Terrain background with airspaces Alert in case of low passes or airspace intrusions View the flight track in 3D in Google Earth Private-Radar Flight Tracker : small, light, and extremely precise

View your fleet flying in real time, on a private map with secure access

Our Flight Tracker send information every 10 seconds: position, speed, altitude

Satellite, terrain or roads background

Airspaces layers (classes A, C, D, prohibited zones, danger zones, rectricted zones, airports, airstrips and heliports)

Alerts in case of intrusion in non authorized airspaces

Alerts in case of exceeding customizable speed or altitudes limits

All flights with the whole track, precise times and altidude, are kept in our database and can be reviewed after the flight is completed

Keep track of the flying times automatically and extremely precisely!

Manage your fleet efficiently

Documents, maintenance, logbook, consumption... everything in one place!

Keep track of your deadlines Upload any document to our online safe Track automatically the remaining flight hours and never miss a maintenance again! Aircraft logbook

Follow your maintenance and be alerted when to stop an aircraft

Be alerted when any document expires

Upload any document to our digital safe

Follow and estimate your aircraft consumption

Logbook automatically generated from the flights

An application for everyone

Students, instructors, CAMO, administration, executives... nobody is forgotten!

Find all your pilots' information in one click Add all certificates and be alertes when they expire Import the scans of the certificates Control of flight and duty times Logbook automatically generated Define precisely what can your users do with the role management

Find all your pilots' information in one click

Add your pilots' certificates along with their digitized scan

Automatic logbook with Jeppesen format

Automatic or manual invoicing with account tracking

Flight and duty time management

Upload any document to our online safe

Email and visual alerts if a certificate expires. You'll never forget to renew your medical certificate again!

Define precisely what can your users do with the role management


Booking has never been so easy!

Checks double bookings, certificates, flight and duty time, availability, ... The instructors' schedule takes the briefings into account. View of a user that can only see his own bookings. An email is sent for each modification of the booking.

Manage all the resources of your school: aircraft, simulators, classrooms, and instructors

Create, modify, cancel bookings, and keep track of all modification in a few clicks!

Private scheduling : prepare your day's or week's schedule, and publish it only when it is ready!

Drag and drop support: select a booking and change its time or the aircraft by drag and drop.

Synchronize Private-Radar with any calendar: Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal...

Each modification sends emails to the pilots: no need to call them to inform them of the changes!

Checks double bookings, certificates, flight and duty time, availability, ...


Import your courses and track the progress of your students

Import or add manuall all yours courses The missions of a course The theory classes of a course Summary of the progress of the students in the course View of the progress of a student with all missions realized Evaluation of a mission

Import or add manuall all yours courses, with missions and theory

Track your students' progress easily

Evaluate the flights of your students

Reserve an aircraft in 3 clicks

Print the current mission for your instructors


Get all the information you need in a few clicks

Hours report Production report Fuel report Landings report Export to Excel

Get any report by date, aircraft, pilots, ...

Bookings reports

Hours reports

Production reports

Fuel reports

Landings reports

Attestazione di volo (for Italy)

And more!

Safety Management System

Improve your safety level with our SMS!

View and search of events Reporting an event Evaluation matrix

3 levels of entry: "simple", "detailed", or "assess"

Enter any event in a matter of minutes and keep track of their resolution

Evaluation matrix and actions to take


Get Private-Radar the way you like it!

Full interface customisation Adding custom aeronautical layers

We can customise Private-Radar all to your needs.

We offer a private web address, along with your corporate logo and colors

We customise all the printouts to the ones you already use in your school

We can add any custom aeronautical layers to the map

We can develop new features for you, and integrate them to your own Private-Radar

You can change language, units, round times, evaluation scale and more directly from the application

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By mail : 7 avenue Nitot, 64000 Pau, France


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